Proof of Life..” Up Here, January/February 2015.

Siksik Parkas.” Up Here, December 2014.

Monsters of the Arctic.” Up Here, October/November 2014.

Bingo Night in the Sahtu.” Up Here, September 2014.

Tapper’s Last Stand.” Up Here, July/August 2014.

Brewin’ for Change.” Up Here Business, August 2014.

Some Like it Wet.” Up Here, July/August 2014.

Buck Naked Ambition.” Up Here Business, July 2014.

Sweet Shift.” Up Here, June 2014.

“Survival of the Sweetest.” Up Here Business, May 2014.

Among the Pews.” With photography by Angela Gzowski. Up Here, April/May 2014.

No rice, no good.” Up Here, April/May 2014.

Country Food in the City.” Up Here March, 2014.

A DEW Life.” Up Here, March 2014.

“First Nations Bank.” Up Here Business, March 2014.

“Protect the Prospects.” Up Here Business, February 2014.

Double Cutters.” Up Here, January/February 2014.

There’s a Pizza Place in Igloolik that Delivers…Up Here Business, December 2013.

Busting Guts.” Up Here, December 2013.

“Spot the Difference.” Up Here, September 2013.

Stranger Station.” Up Here, July/August 2013.

Coman Get It.” Up Here Business, July 2013.

Parking Not Included.” Up Here Business, June 2013.

That Good Ol’ Fashioned Seal-Clubbin’ Sound.” Up Here, April/May 2013.

Crowning Beauty: at a High Arctic Pageant.” Up Here, April/May 2013.

Review: Keeping the Peace by Colette Maitland, Quill & Quire, April 2013.

Swimming for Eggs.” Unpublished, February 2013. (Longlisted for the CBC Canada Writes Nonfiction Award, 2013.)

Stinking Delicious.” Up Here, January/February 2013.

Review: Nicolai’s Daughters by Stella Leventoyannis Harvey, Quill & Quire, January/February 2013

What I Learned Working in the Family Sex Shop.” Chatelaine, October 2012.

Review: The Steel Seraglio by Mike, Linda and Louise Carey, Broken Pencil, Summer 2012

Review: Failure to Thrive by Jeff Oliver, Broken Pencil, Summer 2012

Review: Autobiography of Childhood by Sina Queyras, Broken Pencil, Spring 2012

At least once in every profile, I’ll feel like I might as well be in a dark closet with my pants off.” Ryerson Review of Journalism, Winter 2012

Review: Progress by Michael V. Smith. Broken Pencil, Fall 2011

Review: Try a Little Time Travel by Natalie Lyalin. Broken Pencil, Summer 2011

Geared for the Challenge.” McClung’s, Summer 2011.

Review: Road Trips by Rebecca Rosenblum. Broken Pencil, Spring 2011

Church-Wellesley’s Heritage Win.” OpenFile, March 23, 2011

A different shade of racism.” Ryersonian, November 9, 2010.

‘De-cluttered’ by Public Housing.” OpenFile, October 22, 2010.’De-cluttered’ by Public Housing.


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